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Finding a lower unit to match up to your stern drive or outboard can be a major pain. Remember these few things to help find the right lower unit for you.

  1. Shaft Length
  2. Rotation
  3. Model Number
  4. Serial Number
  5. Drive Shaft #
  6. Shift Shaft #
  7. Remove your lower unit befor you shop.

Evinrude & Johnson Lower Units

Evinrude & Johnson outboards require a model number to look up the correct parts. Once you have your Evinrude/Johnson Model number you can look up your parts. Make sure the lower unit you are going you buy has the correct drive shaft and shift shaft.

Mercury & Mariner Lower Units

When you are looking for a lower unit for your Mercury or Mariner Outboard You will need the seriel number. The serial number is usually found on the swivel or tilt bracket. To find the right lower unit you will have to know your shaft length. The serial number will not tell you the shaft length.

Force & Chrysler Lower Units

Force Outboards, US Marine Outboards, and Chrysler Outboards are generally easy to match up. The parts for Force fit many models for many years. Most lower units are the same for all 85 HP and 125 HP from 1987 and older. You should always remove your lower unit before you try to order one. You will need to know if you have a 1 or 2 piece drive shaft.

Mercruiser Upper & Lower Gear Case

Mercruiser Stern Drives are perhaps the easiest to find the right lower unit for. There are only a few variations between most Mercruiser Alpha One Stern Drive Lower Units. When shopping for a Mercruiser upper Unit you should know your serial number on the drive. The upper units have different gear ratios so you will also need to know if you have a 4, 6, or 8 cylinder engine.

OMC Stringer Stern Drive Gear Cases

OMC Stern Drive Lower Units are available for the mechanical shift units. The electric shift lower units can still be found in good used condition. OMC Lower units do contain the water pump. Water pumps on OMC stern Drives are located in the upper unit.

Cobra Stern Drive Upper & Lower Units

Cobra stern drives are very strong and dependable. The best way to find a Cobra lower unit is to know your year and model number. Cobra stern Drives have similar lower units from 1986-1993. In 1994 Cobra changed to Volvo SX or Cobra SX Drive. These SX Upper & Lower Units are not compatible with the older 86-93 Cobra Stern Drives.

Yamaha Lower Units

Yamaha Lower Units are available brand new from Yamaha for reasonable prices. Make sure you know your shaft length. Options for shaft length are: